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"Out of State - A Gothic Romance" a new film by Victoria Bugbee stars Caroline Winterson and James Nester
"Out of State - A Gothic Romance" is a new film by Victoria Bugbee.  It stars Avery Ryder Turner and Sarah Moliski Facebook @OutOfStateAGothicRomance @VictoriaBugbee Instagram @outofstatethemovie X @vickybug

Victoria Bugbee is an multimedia artist who moves freely between filmmaking, writing, producing and directing for stage and creative design.  She has written, produced and directed nAwarumerous theatrical and on-site performance works in Atlanta and New York.T

urrent project is bringing her first independent feature "Out of State - A Gothic Romance" to scre. 

Logline: Elsa, on the cusp of turning 18,  is sent to live with her strange step-relatives, Aunt Marcia and her 20-something sons. Tab is a gifted musician and Marcia's favorite. Emery, the Cinderella of the family, supports the household by restoring antique Furniture. They are both quirky shut-ins who fall in love with Elsa. The tragic comedy is "My Cousin Rachel" meets "The Royal Tenenbaums" dark with a sly sense of humor.

The award winning feature is set somewhere in The Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania and the time period is 1990's. It stars Sarah Moliski, Caroline Winterson, James Nester, Avery Ryder Turner, Tess Warren, Lynne Goldberg, Matthew Brueckner, Peter Bugbee, Paola Tawa and Dave Scheffler.

Bugbee wrote the screenplay with her distant cousin, the late Charles Bugbee.

Principal Photography was shot  - 100 scenes in 21 days at Bugbee's Victorian home and garden in Hastings on Hudson, NY.  Ilya Shnitser Director of Photography lensed the majority of the film with a Canon Cinematic 300 with Zeiss prime lenses. Bugbee's Co-Producer is Cherie Fortis who assisted with casting and post-production. Bugbee was Production Designer and Co-Costume Designer with Kim Druce Sava. Additional Camera by Daniel Marracino, Blair Johnson, Dylan Warren, & David Zung. Soundpersons included Hyo Jin An, Olaitan Agueh, Eric Bini, Daniel Munro, Katie Louchheim, and Phil Shipman Sound. 

Kim Millie edited the film in AVID with help from Assistant Editor Matthew Brueckner who was Post-Production Supervisor. Eric Bugbee created the end titles. Joe Deihl Composer, Sound Designer and Audio Mix created a lush score that unites a mashup of original songs created by singer songwriters Emily King, Kim Kalesti, Amanda Anne Platt and The Honeycutters, John Mason, Carter McNeil, & Bachtopus. The title song written by V.Bugbee and Joe Deihl is performed by Amie Becker Karscig.

Tom McKeveny designed the movie posters.

To date, Out of State A Gothic Romance has been selected to 42 international film festivals winning 19 awards. A select few are as follows.

Best Feature Film - Paris Film Awards

Best Narrative Feature Film - International Motion Picture Film Festival

Best Narrative Feature Film - Allentown Film Festival, Pennsylvania, USA

Best Narrative Feature - Paris Film Awards

Best Dramatic Comedy, Best  Best Cast- Frida Film Festival - Elliott Erwitt Award - Paris, France

Best International Feature - * & Halfilm Film Awards - Rome, Italy

Best Feature Film (USA) - European Cinematography Awards (Pathe) Netherlands 

Best Actor, Actress, Edit, Script, Cinematography - Hong Kong Film Festival

Best Romance, Dramatic Comedy, Best American Director - New Cinema Festival Ibiza Film Production Fest - Spain

Best First Time Filmmaker - Vancouver Arthouse Film FestivalBest Narrative Feature - Milan Gold Awards - Italy

Best Director, Cinematographer, Score -Sofia World Film Festival - Bulgaria

Best Background Music, Actor, Actress, Supporting Actress - Moonwhite Film International Film Fest - Mumbai, India

Indie Spirit Award - New Hope Film Festival, Pennsylvania, USA

Audience Choice Award - Best Narrative Feature - New Hope Film Festival

Audience Choice Award - Best Narrative Feature - YoFIFest Yonkers Film Festival


Creative Time  and Lincoln Center Out Doors commission to write and producer

 "A Surreal Soap Opera - Toxic Waste Meets Resortland." 
New York Foundation for the Arts Fellowship for Playwrighting to expand a one act play.
 "Life and Death With Business In Between."

Bureau of Cultural Affairs, City of Atlanta - 3 Artist Initiated Grants to write and produce 
 "The Atlanta Trilogy - 3 One Acts.  "Murder," "The Vacation" and "Boxer Shorts"

New York Foundation for the Arts Fiscal Sponsorship to promote a new play worldwide
 "The Gas Station Project" 

RiverArts and Arts Westchester Staged Reading of "The Gas Station Project"

Bugbee has worked with Bill Marpet and Andy Biskin at B Productions of New York producing commercials, video walls, trend reports, TV segments, and image pieces for the fashion and beauty industries.  With George Warren she designed the CGI trailer for David Cronenberg's movie "Videodrome," at Digital Effects. She worked with cel animator Doros Evangelides, National Video Center and at George Parker Productions


Her feature articles on film and video have appeared  Backstage, Millimeter, Computer Pictures, Videography and Sequence. Her article for American Cinematorgrapher about the making of Jim Jarmusch's "Stranger Than Paradise" is considered the definitive article


Trained as a visual artist her one woman show of mural size pastels was dubbed "KABOOM" by the New York Times.  The traveling exhibition explores Chinatown USA and its incredible tradition of fireworks. 

Bugbee has designed sets for her on-site performance work and theatrical productions.  She also designed sets for B Productions for clients that included COTY and STARZ.

Alyson Pou as Death in "Life and Death With Business In Between" photo Michael Reade
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