"Sparkler 1" Pastel, Gouche, Fireworks Wrapper on Arches - Victoria Bugbee @2011 All Rights Reserved.
"Life and Death With Business In Between" Victoria Bugbee @2013 pastel on Arches 72" x 60"

Busy time in the studio on Washington Avenue.  A retrospective of my work from 1976 to the present was part of last year's RiverArts Studio Tour.  Exciting to see my drawings and videos, photos and scripts of my performance work shown together for the first time.

Looking to edit "Out of State - A Gothic Romance."  100 scenes in 21 days need editing and now is the time to do it.

Gearing up to be a part of ArtJuxtapose Gallery in Rosendale, NY.  Info to follow soon.

My son, photographer, Dylan Warren, is back at the studio in Hastings.  Cool to see his breathtaking photographs of California, Thailand, Costa Rica and Iceland landscapes and the club scene

We are located at 35 Washington Avenue,  Hastings-on-Hudson, NY 10706. Contact 914-260-9016.  

Dylan Warren Portrait: Photo Credit Bob Zahn

"Shane Spinning" Dylan Warren Photography @2014 All Rights Reserved.